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A Passion for Africa

We are passionate about Africa. Over 20 years we’ve created one of the world’s foremost specialist safari companies. An African safari is a unique adventure among elephant, rhinoceros and lion on timeless savannahs and mighty rivers. These wild places have not changed in a thousand years. The epic drama and beauty you witness on your safari will steal a piece of your heart.

One of our specialists will speak with you, taking time to understand your interests, and the dreams you’d like to come true during your safari. Then we will design for you a unique itinerary with each new day bringing new adventures. We will then fine tune it together until you are completely satisfied that it is perfect.

We only deal with Africa's best lodges and guide personnel. For some the “best” might be a private tented camp deep in the Serengeti plains. For others it’s a luxurious lodge like Singita with a spa, gourmet cuisine and private pool deck. Somewhere you can relax and watch elephant herds drinking and playing at a waterhole below you. Whatever your preference we will arrange a sequence of amazing places linked by impeccably organized travel arrangements. We are fastidious about detail and everywhere you go you will be met, hosted and guided by the finest and most reliable safari professionals in Africa.

Entrust the arrangement of your safari to Africa Exclusive and you have our personal assurance that this will be a vacation of extraordinary quality – full of experiences you will treasure forever.

John Burdett and Warwick Hoffman.

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Experience a Luxury Africa Safari

If you are looking for the holiday of a lifetime then consider a luxury Africa Safari. If you’ve had enough of lazing by the pool and wiling your time away on activities you could just as easily do at home, then a safari could be just the adventure you’re looking for. Get up close and personal with a whole host of animals, including elephants, giraffes and buffalo! Africa is a vast continent and each country has varying landscapes, weather and wildlife and so you will need to do a good amount of research before deciding where you would like your safari to take place. One thing’s for sure, whichever part of Africa you choose, an African Safari is a once in a lifetime experience so you’ll need to make sure you pack your camera to catch those incredible images on film to show your envious friends back home!

Choose a Luxury Safari for the Perfect Getaway

If you want a holiday that’s a little out of the ordinary and that will create memories that you’ll treasure forever then choose a Luxury Africa Safari. Many people opt for africa safari tours, which highlight the incredible extremes of the country. Amidst a thrilling combination of blazing deserts, lush waterways and majestic woodland, you’ll see some stunning wildlife, whether from boat, aircraft or on a conventional game drive. If you’re keen to see elephants on your luxury safari then a Botswana safari certainly won’t disappoint. You’ll see huge herds of beautiful elephants, and they may even venture up close to your safari vehicle just to say hello! You won’t know whether to keep taking photos or watch in amazement at these magnificent creatures. One of the best things about a Botswana safari is that the country’s authorities have created huge, private resorts for only a few tourists. This means that you and a few others can have hundreds of miles of country all to yourself and to explore until your heart’s content!

Choosing Your Luxury Safari Accommodation

Once you know where you want to base your African Safari, you will need to choose which type of accommodation you want to stay in. There are many different types of accommodation, including lodges and camps, which are likely to put you in the heart of the action, close to superb wildlife and stunning scenery. Many people assume safari lodges provide only basic, fundamental accommodation, but the most luxurious lodges are as lavish as a five-star London hotel. Many lodges even come complete with a private swimming pool! Aside from lodges and camps, there are also hotels and city apartments for you to choose from. Which accommodation you choose will really depend on what you want from your luxury Africa Safari vacations.

Planning Your Luxury African Safari Vacation

A Luxury Africa Safari is the trip of a lifetime and it is probably not something you will do every year. With this in mind, you need to make sure that you plan your safari carefully and that you opt for the right country for your safari holiday. Each country in Africa is magnificent, but each is very diverse, with differing landscapes, nature and wildlife. You need to opt for the country that can give you what you want from your safari holiday. Many people choose a Kenya safari for the ultimate Africa Safari holiday, and it certainly is an ideal choice if you are planning your first safari.  

Choosing a Luxury Safari

The safari originated in Kenya and these days it is still the most popular country for safari holidays. With breathtaking scenery and a nature and wildlife so diverse that there’s always something new to be seen, Kenya is the ideal choice for an Africa Safari. Just a few years ago, a Kenya safari meant staying in a mediocre safari hotel before being bussed with a crowd of other tourists to a busy game reserve, but these days, Kenya safari holidays are much more luxurious! Make yourself at home within your own private, beautifully-designed lodge (some even come with their own swimming pool!), before being transported via light aircraft, boat or conventional game drive. If you want luxury from your Africa Safari, Kenya is certainly a great choice.  

What to Expect from a Luxury African Safari

If you are looking for a holiday that you’ll never forget, a Kenyan luxury Safari will not disappoint. You’ll encounter a whole host of animals including magnificent elephants, leopards and rhinoceroses – these majestic creatures will leave you mesmerized, so much so that you’ll almost forget to take pictures! The best part about a Kenyan Safari is that you can usually plan and organize your trip around what you want to see and do. This gives you much more flexibility, which will be important if there are children in your party. So if one day you want to hop into a hot air balloon, you can. Or if you want to explore the incredible landscape by foot, that’s fine too. You can even camp out under the stunning night sky and your guide leads a sing-song around a roaring camp fire! The options and opportunities are endless in Kenya and it’s no wonder it’s still the number one choice for you family Safari.