A Day On Safari

Your safari may include a stay near rivers, savannah plains, waterfalls and deserts. If you haven’t been on safari before you may be wondering what can happen in a typical day. There are many different activities at different lodges, and the small upscale ones that we use can be flexible to accommodate your interests – but this is what a day on safari might consist of:

Each day starts early as the first few hours of the day are cool and the animals are active and heading for rivers and waterholes. You’re woken just before 6 am. Most people shower or bathe later but there’s hot water if you want an early shower. Hot coffee or tea is brought to your room, then you assemble with your guide to begin your morning activity at 6.30. This can be a drive, a walk, or if you’re by water an early morning boat ride, or even a horseback ride. This will be around 3 hours watching the animals and birds, exploring the locations.

Back at around 9.45 for a bathe and a good hearty breakfast, then you relax, maybe read a book on your deck, chat to other guests or if you’re at a place with a spa, take a treatment or a dip in the pool. Light lunch is at around 1 pm; usually a selection of salads, fresh pasta, cold meats that kind of thing. Then you have a siesta. You see, safaris are pretty relaxing!

Around 3.30 you may assemble for afternoon tea and home made cakes, then you head off on another safari, again with a choice of activities. Sun sets at 6pm so just before that the guide finds a pleasant spot for a “sundowner” drink with nibbles. Then you head back to camp with the spotlight combing the bush for nocturnal leopard and other creatures.

Time for a shower or bath before gathering for a four course dinner at around 8 pm either under the stars or in the dining lodge. As the wine flows the big animal stories get better. You might gather round the campfire for a chat and a drink before heading off to bed at around 10.30.

Within this framework there can be nice surprises like a cooked breakfast waiting for you under a tree by the river as part of your morning activity. Or a romantic dinner for two in the beautiful clearing with giraffes looking on part way through your afternoon activity.

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