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Botswana is Africa’s most exclusive luxury safari destination. It is a land of vast idyllic deltas, savannah plains where a hundred thousand elephants roam free and limitless deserts. On a Botswana safari you stay at intimate upscale camps and lodges with privileged access to private reserves full of wildlife.

You can take a Botswana safari at any time of year and enjoy unforgettable animal encounters in privacy and comfort. A variety of activities are available including open vehicle, short walks, mokoro canoeing, boating and high quality riding. All of these activities are gentle and easy for anyone with basic mobility. You return to your luxurious safari lodge to superb cuisine and a standard of comfort that can rival the best hotels. Yet it’s all in the heart of the unspoiled wilds of Africa.

The Okavango Delta

A maze of luxuriant grasslands, floodplains and sparkling waterways. This is a haven for countless herds of buffalo, antelope, giraffe and predators. Drift silently along a watery channel as the sun rises past grazing impala and zebra. An outrageously colorful malachite kingfisher darts in for its breakfast. Stay at superb camps like Mombo and Chiefs Camp – among the best in Africa for big cat sightings. Shadow the herds by open vehicle or ride across the floodplains on elephant back or horseback.

The Okavango is a living environment which changes dramatically as the water levels advance and recede with the seasons. Contact us to find out which luxury safari lodges are best for the time of year you plan to travel.

Linyanti And Chobe

North of the Okavango are immense open savannahs and seasonal waterways. Here are Africa’s largest elephant herds. You can sit in your vehicle by the Chobe river and watch elephants emerging from the bush to drink and play in the refreshing waters as the sun dips to the horizon. Enjoy the delicious cuisine and spa at Chobe Chilwero lodge. Or if you prefer a tented camp, Lebala is ideally located for leopard, cheetah and wild dog sightings on its 2,000 square mile private reserve.

Between the Okavango and Linyanti lies magical Zarafa camp with four amazing suites each with private pool. Relax on your private deck with a camera and you may catch the perfect elephant action photograph.


Botswana’s deserts burst to life from February to early June as summer showers create seasonal grasslands drawing migrating herds and spectacular birdlife. Bushman guides at Jack’s Camp on the flat Makgadikgadi Pans introduce you to the secret riches of the blooming desert. Quadbike safaris allow you to explore without damaging the fragile pans.

Contact us now to begin planning your Botswana safari, perhaps combining it with nearby Victoria Falls and Cape Town.

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Taking a Botswana Safari

A Botswana safari is one of those experiences you'll cherish for a lifetime. You and your family and loved ones will get to see the wonders of wildlife up close and personal with the help of your very own expert guide. With a small population of people, Botswana really is an animal kingdom and with so many national parks and reserves, you will be at the centre of it all. Explore the waterways and grasslands of the Okavango Delta by open vehicle or perhaps a drifting mokoro canoe, witness Africa’s largest elephant herds at the Chobe National Park or enjoy watching beautiful birds soar the orange skies as the sun sets in the Linyati Game Reserve. The lion, elephant, leopard and zebra are just a few of the most magnificent animals you will see walking on these lands during your Botswana safari. The best time to witness Botswana's wildlife at its best is from the months of June to October. The rainy season is from November to March.

Spending Time on Safari

No two days on our safaris in Botswana are the same. A safari is all about exploring and enjoying new experiences so you never quite know what you will find on your next adventure. Introducing your children to the thrill of a safari in Africa will allow them to understand and enjoy the very best in nature and culture. Once the sun appears, the day begins and you’ll be awoken by a walk, a drive or a boat ride to start your exploration of Botswana. You'll have plenty of opportunities to take photographs and videos that you and your family can treasure forever. The possibilities are endless when it comes to discovering Botswana. You can ride on an elephant back safari or canter across the vast plains on horseback. You can also choose to cycle with your family in the deserts of Namibia or simply relax on a boat taking in the views and wildlife as you drift along. Whichever option suits your family best, it will no doubt leave you mesmerised. 

Planning for your Safari in Botswana

A Botswana safari can be tailored to suit everyone, young and old. Many of our customers choose to go to celebrate a special event such as a big birthday or a last family holiday. Botswana is home to a superb range of exclusive lodges and camps catering for both older and younger families. If you have specific requirements during your stay, we will design your trip uniquely to suit those desires and needs. Activities can be tailored around the age group as can the accommodation. If you are a larger family you will of course need more space than that of a smaller family, however a younger family may require more services and different food options to that of an older one. Adventures in Botswana stick with families for life and your safari will be unlike any other vacation you've taken.