Selecting a Country to Visit

Explore more of Africa


Your first question might be: "Which country should we visit for our safari?" It may sound strange, but we encourage you not to think only in terms of countries.

Africa is made up of great savannah plains, rich forests, spectacular deserts, watery deltas, mighty rivers, mountains and volcanoes. Today, an elephant family might be happily browsing in Chobe National Park, Botswana. In a few weeks time they may cross the river into Namibia, and next year they might decide those trees look a whole lot tastier in northern Hwange, Zimbabwe. The amazing migration of two million wildebeest, zebra and gazelles give birth to thousands of young in three hectic weeks in February in the southern Serengeti plains, Tanzania. Six months later they are swimming for their lives across the Mara river into Kenya looking for greener pastures.

So when we design your safari we just follow the animals! Good dry weather usually brings animals together in bigger herds and means there are very few insects, so we also follow the clear dry weather. If you will tell us when it's convenient for you to travel we will be sure to find a part of Africa that's in great condition for your safari.

In choosing where to go, there are some other considerations. Some countries like Zambia are more suited to people who want to include some walking or canoeing in their safari, so may be better for a more adventurous couple or a family with older teenagers. Some, like Botswana, have vast private safari reserves of extraordinary beauty where literally millions of animals roam the plains and deltas. There are good anti malaria drugs available, but if you want a completely malaria free safari this will take you to South Africa. If you would like to meet a local tribal community this can easily be done in Tanzania or Kenya which are perfect for a family safari. If you want to see gorillas you have to include Rwanda or Uganda.

So, you can see that there are many options and factors to consider when deciding where to go on your safari. This is not the kind of vacation that you can plan for yourself! Our advice is to pick up the telephone and speak with us or email us at an early stage. Tell us about yourself, what you enjoy doing, when you can travel, the style of accommodation you're seeking, and we will prepare the perfect itinerary for you.