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Egypt Vacation

In a week in Egypt you can experience some of the world’s most spectacular ancient architecture. Some temples and pyramids date back beyond 5000 years, wonderfully preserved in the dry desert climate.

The best way to experience Egypt is by taking a quality cruise down the Nile. We will ensure that you are aboard one of the finest cruisers - a floating palace. Because most ancient structures were built close to the Nile the three day journey from Aswan to Luxor is a revelation.

Aswan has spectacular temples such as Philae from the graceful Roman era. You’ll see the old granite quarries where slaves hewed vast columns form the rock face before they were transported by superhuman effort and ingenuity to grace some Pharoah’s palace.

When your luxury cruiser arrives at Luxor you will be spellbound by the glories of the Karnak Temple which evolved over thousands of years as successive Pharoahs added majestic new buildings. A little further into the desert is the Valley of Kings where magnificently decorated tombs have been uncovered.

Throughout your Egypt vacation you will be guided by renowned experts usually on a private basis. This gives you the guide’s undivided attention and means that you are freed from the schedules of tour groups. He will time your visits at the least busy periods and you can linger as long as you wish, allowing your imagination to run.

No visit to Egypt would be complete without seeing the Egyptian museum in Cairo where you are surrounded by priceless treasures including the contents of Tutankhamun’s tomb. You will also have an opportunity to see the Old Coptic and Islamic parts of the city. We will arrange for you to stay at the superb Mena House hotel where the suites overlook the Giza pyramids.

It is easy to combine an Egypt vacation with a luxury safari. Frequent flights between Cairo and Nairobi mean that you can watch the Great Migration roam the Masai mara plains the day after cruising down the Nile. The overnight flight from Cairo arrives in Johannesburg early morning so you can easily combine a visit to the treasures of the Tutankhamun with a week in the beautiful Cape or an exciting South Africa safari in the amazingly upscale Singita safari lodge. Contact us to begin planning a vacation of a lifetime.

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