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Family Safari

A top quality african safari is one of the best family vacations you'll ever take. A shared adventure that your children will treasure all their lives. A family safari is a unique kind of vacation seeing elephants, big cats and great herds in their awesome natural environment. It's like living for a couple of weeks in the Discovery Channel!

Perfect Family Safari

You'll want your family safari to be planned and organized to perfection, which is where we come in. Over 22 years we have arranged hundreds of unique safaris for families of all ages. We listen to your dreams of Africa, and make them come true, selecting the right areas, accommodation and expert guides. Every day and every move is meticulously organized.

At the foot of this page we've listed some of our favorite family safari lodges . Some have 2 bedrooms and a living area so a younger family can all be together. Some are amazingly upscale. Some are more simple and adventurous. All are authentic and in the heart of the real wilds of Africa, far from the crowds.

Children can enjoy safaris from around age 4 and are spellbound by the sight of animals they've seen in storybooks come to life. African guides have endless patience and love to gently reveal the secrets of the bush to enquiring minds. If your family is older, teenagers will enjoy the adventure of walking, horseback and canoeing the Zambezi.

Be sure to call us at an early stage so that we can get acquainted with the interests and priorities of your family, the time of year you want to travel, and the level of comfort and exclusivity you are seeking. We'll send you an initial itinerary to consider, which we can then discuss and fine tune until you're satisfied that every day will be perfect for you.

Africa Exclusive Recommendations

"On behalf of our family, I want to thank you for your efforts that allowed us to experience an amazing family vacation. As you know, there is no where else on Earth like Africa and we participated in all that was offered and we LOVED it!

Your selection of camps, length of stay, and travel arrangements made our trip diverse, luxurious and enriched. Each camp has their own personality and it would be hard to try and rate them. All were delightful and exquisitely comfortable.

I am sure you will be hearing from others in my family and I wanted you to be sure to know that we had a magnificent trip arranged beautifully by YOU!"

Adam Liff, Tennessee

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John and Judy Manzi, USA

The camps were more than we expected and the wildlife viewing was so abundant and intimate that we could not have had a better experience. We ate too much, drank too much, laughed a lot, marvelled at everything and took 2,500 photos. What a great trip for my granddaughter, daughter and mostly for Judy and I. Thanks, it could not have been better.

Family Safaris in Africa

Africa is the perfect place to indulge in luxury family safaris; the whole continent is covered in un-touched wildlife, animals that will amaze the whole family coupled with breath taking safari camps, lodges and countryside. A family safari to Africa is not only an amazing vacation but the memories will last a lifetime, children will forever remember the life of Africa.

Family safaris in Africa can be as relaxed or exhilarating as you wish, with the finest in luxury lodges and food from activity lodges with canoeing, elephant safaris and trekking part and parcel of an exhilarating family safari vacation.

Family Safaris in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most popular family safari locations in Africa as is offers everything to keep the old and young alike entertained all day every day. The African bush in South Africa is one of the most amazing destinations for a family safari, it also opens itself up for interactive family activities like fishing, baking, birding and learning which makes it a great choice for your family safari. We recommend South African safaris for those families who enjoy a slightly more active holiday and are interested in submersing themselves in the culture that Africa possesses in abundance.

Family Safaris in Kenya that you will never forget

Kenya is synonymous with Africa, there are so many natural attractions that Kenya offers for those looking for a family safari to the remarkable and authentic experiences that a Kenya safari has. A family safari to Kenya has many diverse and tradition activities that the more creative family will love, from meeting the massai and taking part in making traditional Africa tools and garments to nature walks across the fascinatingly diverse landscape that covers the whole of Kenya. We recommend a Kenya family safari for those looking for a slightly less active but traditional experience who love fascinating scenery and indulging in the African culture.

Luxury Botswana Safaris

Botswana is often considered the most luxurious location in Africa; we have locations across Botswana that offer the finest in luxury accommodation and dining that can be found across Africa. A family safari in Botswana will submerse your whole family in the finest luxury safari environments available across Africa, it will truly be one of the best experiences you could hope for, the whole family will remember a luxury Botswana safari for many years.

Tanzania Family Safaris

Tanzania offers many of the cultural and traditional advantages of Kenya but is less commercialised and less travelled, you can be sure that no one else you know would have been on a Tanzania family safari and that in itself is good reason to experience it for the first time. Tanzania safaris offer un-capped potential for exploration and cultural experiences, you can be sure that your family will remember their family safari in Tanzania. We recommend a Tanzania safari to those families who like to go away from the norm and experience something completely new.

Namibia Family Safaris of a lifetime

Namibia offers many of the things that Tanzania and Kenya do for a family safari but with a vital difference, Namibia is largely un-visited by travellers at least compared to Kenya so the experience is a lot more traditional and raw. A Namibia family safari is perfect for those who enjoy experiencing a real taste of Africa; the locations are un-commercialised and natural. Our family safaris in Namibia are of the highest luxury, you will be based in locations surrounded by the natural beauty of Namibia. We recommend Namibia family safaris to those with slightly older children who enjoy being submersed in culture and experience a vacation that offers more in tradition than Kenya and Tanzania.

Choosing the best family safari to suit your family’s needs is key to the enjoyment, experience and memories of the holiday. Whether it be a luxury safari in Botswana or a traditional Tanzania cultural experience we have everything that will suit your needs. If you can’t find something that suits your requirements then give us a call as we can always tailor a vacation to suit, which will of course be bespoke to you.