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Africa Exclusive is a British Company established since 1990. We are a Tour Operator specializing in arranging top quality customized safaris for a discerning clientele.

British travel companies are strictly regulated by the British Government through the Civil Aviation Authority "CAA". The CAA issues travel companies with an Air Travel Organizer's License "ATOL". This license is renewed each year after the CAA has scrutinized the company's financial accounts to ensure that it has sufficient financial liquidity. Africa Exclusive has held an ATOL license ATOL 2883 since 1994 which demonstrates that we comply with the CAA's strict financial requirements.

In addition, Africa Exclusive also protects its US and Canadian clients by maintaining an Insurance policy which will mature in the highly unlikely event of the company's insolvency. Under those circumstances that policy would refund to clients any money paid to Africa Exclusive for a vacation yet to be taken, or it would enable clients to complete their vacations if they are already traveling at the time of the insolvency. There is no legal requirement upon us to maintain such a policy, which is quite costly. We maintain it voluntarily to provide peace of mind to our valued clients.  This policy is called a Tour Operators Protection policy "TOPP".

Total Payment Protection (topp) Policy cover:

In compliance with the UK Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 an insurance policy has been arranged with Travel & General Insurance Services Limited (tagis), to protect customers’ prepayments in the unlikely event of our financial failure and paid in respect of:

·         Non-flight inclusive packages commencing and returning to the UK

·         The ground handling aspects of packages where the customer is responsible for arranging travel to the destination offered in this brochure/literature/document/ on this website (subject to the terms of the insurance policy), for:

·         A refund of such prepayments if customers have not yet traveled, or

·         Making arrangements to enable the holiday to continue if customers have already traveled.

Customers’ prepayments are protected by a topp policy.

In the unlikely event of financial failure please contact the claims helpline on 0870 0137 965. A copy of the policy is available on request.

This policy is provided by Travel & General Insurance Services Limited (tagis), registered number 02527363 and underwritten by International Insurance Company of Hannover Limited (Inter Hannover), registered number 01453123, tagis and Inter Hannover are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

If you have any questions about financial security or any other matter please call us on 1-886-871-3829

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