Jiinue Project

Africa Exclusive and our clients are providing funding for an agricultural development project in Western Kenya. The project will help 400 families in the Jiinue and Echengo villages where most people survive on 70c per day. The people survive by subsistence farming on small unproductive plots of land.

The project is run by British Charity Send a Cow and is teaching the families new techniques for growing vegetables and crops. Keyhole gardens, bag gardens and Mandela gardens are being made and fertilized with locally produced compost. These simple techniques enable a family to make best use of small plots of land and grow enough vegetables to feed their family and to sell for income. In July 2011 18 families received pregnant dairy cows which will produce milk and urine for fertilizer, and the calves will be passed on to other families.

The project will run for another 4 years and includes a wide range of training and ongoing agricultural advice and support. The community are very committed to making the project work and they are keen to share what they have learned with their neighbors from other villages. The income is sufficient for families to educate children, improve diet, pay for basic medical needs and to be resistant to the effects of drought.

Africa Exclusive's Sue Burdett visited the project in November 2010 and met many of the villagers. She was the first white person ever to visit the villages which shows how remote they are! Every person she met was full of hope for the future and had a story to tell. In some cases grandparents were raising grandchildren whose parents had died of AIDS.

The cost of the project is US$50,000 in total. So far we have raised $36,300 from our own donations and those of our clients. If you would like to find out more about this project or would like to donate please click here. You may like to investigate funding an entire project yourself, in which case please email John Burdett who will be very pleased to discuss possibilities with you. It would also be possible for you to visit a community in Kenya where a new project is being planned.

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