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Luxury Lodges

Imagine a fabulous Penthouse suite in a six star hotel in any city in the world. Then drop it into a breathtaking scenic location in the wilds of Africa surrounded by beauty and wildlife. Complete with cordon bleu chef, impeccable service, pool and spa. What you have is a description of any of the top twenty African luxury safari lodges. An oasis of sophistication in the middle of big cat country.

This is the kind of place to choose if you want a superb safari with no compromise in your comfort or convenience. At Africa Exclusive we’re used to dealing with people who know what they like and who expect the best wherever in the world they travel. No matter how demanding your requirements we will arrange accommodation and a safari to exceed your expectations.

The safari business attracts visionaries who take a beautiful location and have the resources and inspiration to create an amazing private lodge. They recruit world class architects and lavish attention on décor and furnishing. These places take maybe 16 guests and part of the aim is to leave the surrounding trees and environment untouched. The result is that you are in a genuinely wild remote place – the domain of lions and elephants – yet with every comfort close at hand.

Many of Africa’s most upscale lodges are in South Africa. Singita is one of the finest, joined by less well known places like Royal Malewane and Londolozi. The Singita operation also has an outstanding lodge in the western Serengeti, Tanzania. Botswana also has a number of superb lodges such as Mombo, and Baines in the idyllic Okavango Delta. In Botswana we take you by small plane to deltas, deserts and golden savannah plains where a hundred thousand elephant roam free.

Kenya is also a superb place for an upscale safari. Riccardo Orizio lavishes enormous care on his lodge at Samburu Saruni. Just 12 guests have exclusive access to a private reserve which is larger than the neighboring Samburu National Park which can accommodate hundreds of tourists. So your experience is luxurious and the safaris private.

At the foot of this page we show details of a few of our favorite luxury lodges. We know many more, so give us a call and we’ll arrange for you to experience an African safari at its finest.

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