Luxury Tented Safari

“Tent” is really an inadequate word to describe the kind of luxury accommodation you find on your African safari. A Botswana safari is one of the most exclusive and expensive, yet the accommodation there is nearly all “tented”. We call them “tented suites”.

Take a look at the pictures on this page and you see what we mean! These “tents” are large luxury suites where canvas and wood are used in the structure. The practical reason for the canvas is that it “breathes” and keeps you cool in the hot weather and warm on cool nights. The aesthetic reason goes back to “Out of Africa” giving you that sense of adventure in the wild heart of Africa.

On your luxury tented safari the accommodation always has good large beds (singles or double/king size) an en-suite bathroom with a flush toilet and shower or bath. At a camp like Zarafa in Botswana it also comes with quite elegant soft furnishings. At the front there will be a wooden deck positioned to take advantage of the views across a river or big open plain.

People sometimes ask if they are safe from animals in their tent. The answer is definitely “yes”. Your tented suite will usually be on a raised wooden deck and it zips up all round which also makes it completely insect proof. Animals may wander through the camp at night. You may wake to hear an elephant tearing a branch off a nearby tree or a hippo laughing in the river but animals do not seek the presence of people and you feel secure. If you are taking children on your safari some luxury tents have two bedrooms so you can all be in one huge canvas structure.

We usually only book places that take around 16 guests which means there are other people to socialize with, while retaining that sense of privacy and being far from the crowds. Most luxury tented camps are on vast private reserves which may measure thousands of square miles – all for the exclusive use of you and the few other guests in camp. This privacy is one important difference between an Africa Exclusive safari and a regular safari tour where you may find large numbers of vehicles together.

We’ve listed a few of our favorite luxry tented camps below. Please take some time to look, can contact us to discuss planning your own unique African safari.

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