Older Family Safari

An adventurous family safari in the wilds of Africa can be the perfect “last family vacation”. One family allowed each member to design one part of the trip. The son picked a canoe safari down the Zambezi, the daughter indulged everyone in a luxury beach hideaway at the end. Mom and Dad chose a couple of luxury safari camps in the Okavango Delta. Everyone enjoyed the whole experience!

If your teens are starting to rebel against family vacations you can be sure they’ll leap at the chance of an exciting family safari. Big open spaces, adventurous activity, exciting animal encounters and breathtaking scenery.

Anything is possible because we design each trip uniquely to suit your family. Sometimes we arrange for a family group to have a small luxury camp set up on the Serengeti to watch the wildebeest migration crossing rivers and roaming the plains. In Kenya you can set off with a group of friendly masai warriors and their camels and spend a day trekking slowly through the rift valley. After a delicious dinner and singing round the campfire you sleep in a beautiful little camp under the huge African sky.

You can go horseback riding across the Okavango Delta from Macatoo Camp, buzz the Zambian treetops in a microlight with top guide John Coppinger and track elephants on foot beside the Great Rufiji River. We have recently arranged two amazing mountain bike safaris around the Namibian deserts for families with older teenagers, supported by a back up safari vehicle and an expert guide.

You will be inspired by at the style and pure quality of your accommodation on these safaris. Places like Singita in the Kruger and Mombo in Botswana rival the Penthouse suite of a top hotel. Only it’s right out in the wilds of Africa. The food is magnificent and the service impeccable. A sumptuous dinner under a huge African sky may be interrupted by the roar of a not too distant lion.

At the other end of the scale a little private camp set up just for you in the Serengeti may be only temporary, yet it will still have comfortable beds, cotton sheets, en-suite wc and shower and marvelous food. The whole thing run by a smiling support team in a magnificent scenic setting.

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