Superb Organization

One client described his African safari as running “like a swiss clock”. At Africa Exclusive we put huge amounts of experience and attention to detail into ensuring that your safari runs perfectly. Africa is a third world continent and a safari involves quite a few movements, sometimes to two or three countries. So top quality organization is vital.

One way we ensure everything runs smoothly is by only contracting the best and provenly reliable partners in each country. Courteous people who will wait if your plane is late, who will accommodate your requests and take you quickly, safely and comfortably to your destination. When we fly you in a small plane we only use top quality carriers with impeccable maintenance and safety records. If you want to charter a particular private plane for your convenience that is easily done.

When we plan your itinerary we design the travel arrangements to ensure you have the right amount of time in each place and that your onward journeys are convenient and not tiring. Once the vacation is booked our experienced team of administrators triple check all the tickets and “moving parts” of the itinerary and ensure that our partners in each country have your travel details, right down to your drinks preferences.

The normal experience of our clients is amazement that after a safari of two or three weeks to six or seven different places absolutely everything ran without any hitch. The only time things go wrong is when a scheduled flight is delayed or cancelled outside our control. If that happens we have the people and the back up in place at every point to recover the situation and have your trip continue smoothly.

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