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The Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Rift Valley and Zanzibar are some of the best known place names in Africa. You can see them all on a Tanzania safari with an expert private guide . This is a country with immense wildlife reserves where enormous numbers of animals gather and migrate.

Serengeti migration

The wildebeest migration is the world’s largest animal migration as two million wildebeest, zebra and antelope make their way on an epic 1,000 mile journey from the southern Serengeti plains crossing crocodile infested rivers into Kenya before returning southwards back to the Serengeti. During three chaotic weeks in February they drop 100,000 calves which start walking within minutes and join the herd as it moves. This is just one of many wonders that you can enjoy on your Tanzania safari.

The best way to see the migration is from a small luxury mobile camp that is moved every few weeks to follow the path of the migrating herds. The camp is located on a private site surrounded by the limitless Serengeti plains dotted with acacia trees and huge rocky outcrops where lion and leopard lurk. Your own private vehicle and expert guide enables you to explore at your own pace, concentrating on what interests you the most.

Ngorongoro Crater

Next to the Serengeti is the 8,000 foot high Ngorongoro Crater. From your luxurious base at Ngorongoro Crater lodge visit the crater floor where 20,000 animals roam free. Explore the Crater with your private guide before seeing the lakes of the Great African Rift Valley.

Selous, Ruaha and Mahale

Less well known yet equally spectacular are Tanzania’s remote southern reserves. In the Selous you can stay at luxurious Sand Rivers lodge overlooking the Great Rufiji river and enjoy thrilling safaris by open vehicle on foot and by boat. Be one of just a couple of hundred people each year who visit remote Katavi National Park where thousands of hippopotamus, buffalo and antelope mass in the wetlands. Fly a short distance west to the Mahale Mountains where hundreds of chimpanzees inhabit the rain forested slopes which run down to the deep clear waters of Lake Tanganyika.

Tanzania is a peaceful friendly country where 120 ethnic groups live in harmony. It has the greatest safari potential of any African country. We will tell you the best time to visit Tanzania and will design a superb itinerary for you. Contact us now to discuss your plans for an unforgettable Tanzania safari.

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Tanzania Safari

Many of Africa's most amazing sights are all located and available to see on a Tanzania Safari. The Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Rift Valley, the Ngorongoro Crater and Zanzibar are all located in Tanzania. Combining all of the amazing sights that a Tanzania safari has to offer with seeing the Great Wildebeest migration is an absolute must for those looking for a varied and active vacation.

Tanzania has the largest variety of scenery and wildlife on the continent and as well as an abundance of game reserves, it is home to some of the most fascinating natural wonders in the world.

The Great Migration

Two million wildebeest, zebra and antelope migrate together as the largest animal migration in the world each year, starting from the southern Serengeti plains of Tanzania across the crocodile infested rivers and into Kenya on a 1,000 mile round trip. During the Great Migration, usually within 3 hectic weeks 100,000 calves will be born which will join the migration within minutes of being born.

A Tanzania safari is best viewed from a luxury mobile camp; this is the best way to follow the migration as the camps will move every few weeks to keep up. The luxury camps are located on private reserves surrounded by the Serengeti plains and there limitless acacia trees and the lion and leopard infested rocky out crops dotted all other the desert. On one of our luxury Tanzania safaris you have your own private guide meaning you can view all the sights at your own pace and do what interests you the most.

Ngorongoro safari lodge

Looking out over the Serengeti is the 8,000 foot high Ngorongoro Crater, home to the crater lodge and where 20,000 animals roam free across the crater. Your private safari guide will show you across the plains show you the wildlife and guide you to the lakes of the Great African Rift Valley.

Luxury Tanzania safari to Selous, Ruaha and Mahale

The southern safari reserves of Tanzania are less well known but equally as spectacular. The luxury Sand Rivers lodge looking out over the Great Rufiji River is a sight to behold, here you can experience some thrilling safaris by open top car, by boat or on foot for the ultimate thrill.

The Katavi National Park only gets a couple of hundred visitors a year making it the perfect place for a Tanzania safari if you like the less polished and well known locations.  Thousands of hippo’s antelope and buffalo mass right next to the camp in the wetlands.

The rain forests on the Mahale Mountains are home to hundreds of chimpanzees living on the slopes leading down to the deep crystal clear Lake Tanganyika.

A Tanzania safari is luxurious, peaceful and eventful and being on safari in a country that includes 120 different ethnic groups’ offers up many cultural experiences that you simply will not find anywhere else. Give us a call if you are thinking about choosing Tanzania for your safari holiday and we can tell you the best time and places to visit and cater for all your holiday needs, be sure that Tanzania has everything you need for the ideal luxury family safari.

Tanzania safari camps

There are many luxury safari camps in Tanzania but our top three would be the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge overlooking the crater and the great lakes of the Rift Valley, Grey stroke Mahala at the foot of the Mahale Mountains and Kirurumu Serengeti for that amazing Great Migration experience.