Younger Family Safari

As children grow up African animals feature in their favorite storybooks and tv programs. Imagine taking them on a family safari where they can see them for real in beautiful surroundings!

We have 22 years experience arranging unique family safaris. Every one is designed to exceed your requirements, so the pace and content of each day can be fine tuned to suit your family perfectly.

How young can children go on safari? This depends upon the maturity of the child, and we have arranged successful family safaris for children aged 4 and 5. Certainly by the time they reach 8 years old they can fully appreciate the experience and participate in a wider variety of activities. We like to suggest that your family visits the same authentic remote safari lodges as on our regular trips.

We will select accommodation that has two en-suite bedrooms a living room and maybe even a small private pool. This means you can all be under the same roof. Places like Elsa’s Private House and Tortilis camp in Kenya with their unique family accommodation are perfect for a safari with younger families.

We will arrange for you to have your own private guide and fully equipped vehicle so that your family can indulge your interests in a schedule to suit the children. African guides love children and take a delight revealing the secrets of the African bush to them. You might take a short walk seeking out the “small five” – rhino beetle, elephant shrew, leopard tortoise, ant lion and buffalo weaver! Your guide can explain how leaves are used for medicine and teach the kids to make a bow and arrow. Find a lion track, then get in the vehicle and try to find it!

Kenya and South Africa are perfect countries for a family safari with younger children. Kenya has iconic African scenery such as the Masai Mara, very abundant wildlife and several outstanding family safari lodges. South Africa offers the option of malaria free safaris and has fabulous family accommodation. Both countries can also offer beaches, cities and other things to do.

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