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Zambia is ideally suited for a more adventurous safari. On a Zambia safari you can walk through the bush with an armed guide tracking elephants. You can paddle a two man canoe down the Zambezi river. You can make the world’s most spectacular white water rafting run at Victoria Falls, and you can even go up in John Coppinger’s microlight, flying over the wildlife of the Luangwa valley.

Zambia attracts some of Africa’s best safari guides. People like Paul Grobler who guides at Chiawa Camp. To go for a two hour walk in the Zambezi valley with Paul is a revelation. He can take an area of bush the size of a back yard and show you amazing smaller creatures, plants and insects that thrive together and keep the fragile environment in balance. You might be watching a column of matabele ants marching two by two to raid a termite mound, then ten minutes later you’ll sit on a tree stump by the river as fifty elephant swim and play in the refreshing waters. You will see no other people – it’s just you, your guide and miles of magnificent African bush.

Chiawa Camp is one of our all time favorite places, on the banks of the half mile wide Zambezi river. Grant Cumings and his father Dave built it in 1990, the same time we started Africa Exclusive. Grant and Dave are still there with a great team of guides because they love what they do It’s people like them who will look after you on your Zambia safari. The day at Chiawa might start with breakfast aboard the motorized pontoon puttering past a pod of yawning hippos as you eat your ham and eggs. Later you can choose between a game drive, a boat ride, a walk or paddle a canoe, surrounded by natural beauty and wildlife. Or you can sit on the deck outside your luxury tent with a drink and a book and watch the big river drift by.

Another unique location in Zambia is the South Luangwa where the lazy Luangwa river meanders in great loops across its fertile valley. At the start of each year the Luangwa spectacularly floods the valley swollen by summer rains. By May it has settled back leaving the valley covered in sparkling lagoons which make great watering places for the giraffe, lions and antelope. You can walk along the Luangwa, then follow an old elephant track across the valley to a lagoon. Nothing could be better in the cool morning sunshine with the glories of Africa all to yourselves. In a three hour easy paced walk with an armed guide you’ll see a wealth of creatures. You just have to watch out for elephants coming the other way down the track!

A Zambian safari is also perfect for one last big family vacation before the kids head off for college. A place you can enjoy an unforgettable adventure together. The best time for a Zambia safari is the May to late October dry season. Contact us now to find out more.

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Patti Mallia, Canada

I enjoyed the trip of a lifetime. Each camp that Africa Exclusive chose for me was so very unique and filled with wonderful sights, animals and people who took such good care of a woman traveling on her own. Every detail of my trip was taken care of so that I had only to show up and enjoy. The bungee jump at the end was an exhilarating finish to an incredible journey.