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Visit Tswalu Kalahari for a Top Conservation Experience

Did you catch the final episode of the British series, Africa, this week? The last instalment showed David Atteborough considering Africa’s future and the relationship between Africa’s people and its wildlife. There are many places you could visit to learn more about the conservation efforts of this fantastic continent .One of our favourite places for conservation is Tswalu Kalahari. At 100,000 hectares, Tswalu is South Africa’s biggest private reserve and is devoted to conservation. There will be no more than thirty people there at a time making it a really private experience. The reserve is owned by the Oppenheimer family, keen supporters of wildlife and conservation who have even won the prestigious Lonmin Award from the WWF. Tswalu is driven by two goals: to restore the Kalahari to its pristine state and to create an inspirational experience for its guests. There are lots of unusual and rare species here that the reserve’s staff work hard to protect. On your African safari here you will be able to see black-maned Kalahari lion, meerkat, cheetah, rare antelope species and even desert black-rhino! On top of these there’s over 70 more species of mammal and 230 different kinds of bird. Decdicated butlers and guides will make sure you spend the day exactly as you choose. Perhaps some days you’d like to head out for an early game drive finished off with a tasty bush breakfast or on others you’d like to spend the morning sipping champagne in your room – the choice is yours. What’s more, Tswalu is a malaria free area, so you can explore and discover this fantastic wilderness with the entire family.

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