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Visiting the KwaZulu Natal Battlefields

Most people are aware that Africa is brimming with beautiful landscapes and fascinating wildlife, but did you know there's also lots of history there too?

During a luxury safari at Fugitive's Drift Lodge you will learn all about the AngloZulu war by visiting the very sites of the battles with you specialist guide. He or she will recount vivid tales of the battles, bringing them to life. As well as the tours, the lodge also boasts a stocked library filled with war relics and memorabilia. This is one of the very best places to visit in KwaZulu Natal is you are interested in the war.

There are even specially designed tours for the kids, so it's a wonderful place for a family adventure. As you set off for your tour, the children begin their own shorter version. Led by an incredibly enthusiastic guide, the tours are carefully planned and include engaging activities, story telling, visiting a Zulu village and looking at rifles and spears used in battle. Each child will then receive their own mini Zulu shield as a memento!

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