Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is the second biggest in the country and has some of the best concentration of wildlife throughout the whole of Africa! The park has a variety of contrasts when it comes to wildlife experiences. With Chobe River boarding the park to the north and the Linyanti Marsh to the west it is easy to see why.

There is extremely diverse wildlife in the park due to a variety of vegetation types with the Linyanti marshes; adjacent to the Linyanti River. This area consists of riverine and open woodland areas. You will find large numbers of lions, leopard, antelope, hippo, packs of wild dog and hundreds of elephant. Then you have the landscape of the Savuti, being compared to a desert. With extensive savannahs, during the dry seasons you have a good chance of seeing warthogs, kudus, impalas, zebras and wildebeest. Not missing the numerous amounts of elephant playing amongst one another. Enjoy the game viewing on the lush green grass of the Chobe floodplains with families of buffalo and elephant densely populating the land.

It isn't just the scenery that is diverse - there are also many wildlife species to be seen here. Due to the water you find many animals such as hippos, crocodiles, fish species and other reptiles. Yet on land buffalo, giraffe, eland, elephants and zebra are plenty. There is a great population of predators here, especially in the Savuti area such as cheetah, hyena, leopard and lion. If you are interested in birds, you will have over 450 species to learn about and spot, with your guides knowing about each and every one of them.

If you take a trip to the Chobe River in the dry season you will see huge herds of buffalo and elephant. If you decide to travel in the rainy season you will be amazed to see thousands of migrating zebra with hungry predators chasing them from all angles creating an exciting experience.

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