Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is the world's largest island delta. It is over 182 times larger than Manhattan. The waters of the Okavango River flow inland into Lake Ngami instead of into the sea. It then forms a complex network of rivers in the surrounding land. The Delta is a magnificent area, between April and June it is replenished by the rains in Angola. Fresh floods then begin their journey, spreading a mile a day down the Okavango River, winding through the intricate narrow channels and lagoons, slowly moving to the edge of floodplains and islands. The water is so clear and pure that you could safely drink it.

Botswana is elephant country. There are thousands in the Delta, along with large herds of buffalo and a wide variety of antelope species bounding through the grass. All thrive in the rich grassland and forest. Meanwhile giraffe, zebra and a host of plains game wander the land. Big cats are common in the Delta including mighty lion, stunning leopard and curious cheetah families. Wild dog are seen hunting in powerful packs creating excellent game viewing.The birdlife is second to none with amazing diversity. Many eagles make the Delta their home and you can sometimes see large heronries. Not forgetting over 400 other species gracing the land with their beauty. The Okavango is home to 164 species of mammals and 157 of reptile including crocodiles, monitor lizard and tortoise.

To keep this fragile area protected, the Botswana government is cautious and therefore limits tourism. There are just a few luxury camps here such as Mombo Camp, Stanley's Camp and Little Kwara Camp. These camps are on enormous private wildlife reserves linked only by small planes. The Okavango Delta is an exclusive yet miraculous place to visit. With abundant wildlife, tranquility and exclusivity, it makes a very enticing safari destination.

Guides with incredible knowledge take you on a journey through the winding channels by boat and mokoro canoe exploring the rivers and animals in them. As you look upon the still river you might see a pod of hippos rise from the waters out of curiosity. You can also explore the larger islands by open vehicle coming across predators basking in the heat of the day or slinking through the grass at night on a hunt for their next meal. Go on walking safaris though the bush where you come across graceful giraffe slowly making their way through the lush green grass.

Stanley's Camp has just 8 tents to create a unique and exclusive safari. Go on walking safaris with semi-habituated elephants as you form bonds with these truly magnificent creatures. Go on a hot air balloon ride to see this incredible scenery from above watching the animals that are blissfully unaware of your presence. Whilst at Macatoo you can go for a ride on thoroughbred horses across the plains cantering alongside the wildlife. Enjoy the variety of camps and diversity of wildlife that the Okavango Delta has to offer you.

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