Okavango Delta Safari

The Okavango Delta is the world’s largest inland delta 25 times bigger than New York City. Its fertile grasslands and waterways create a spectacular wildlife haven for thousands of elephant, antelope big cats and other species. In the Okavango you can enjoy a top quality Botswana safari in comfort and privacy as there are very few safari lodges in this vast area.

Thousands of years ago the Delta was a vast prehistoric lake. In these drier times it is a living delta fed by 11 cubic kilometers of water each year. The floodwaters arrive in May traveling down the Okavango river at 40 kilometers a day before slowing to gradually fill the delta at 2 kilometers a day. By August the Okavango delta is twice its size, before gradually shrinking to a low point in January.

The water channels, fertile plains, big skies and the absence of people make this a truly relaxing place for a Botswana safari. Small upscale camps like Mombo and Chiefs camp provide 30 guests with magnificent safaris by open vehicle seeing leopard, lion, and huge herds of antelope, giraffe and elephant. These camps are private and luxurious right in the heart of the bush. You can watch wildlife from your private deck and enjoy delicious cuisine.

In the more watery parts of the delta from camps such as Little Kwara and Baines you can glide along the silent channels punted in a dugout mokoro canoe. Admire some of the 400 species of magnificent birds. Combine a boat ride with a morning walk on a palm island tracking beautiful antelope and giraffe. At Baines spend a morning with three orphan elephants called Jabu, Marula and Thembi walking with them through the bush listening to them communicate, touching their great bodies.

At Macatoo camp you can enjoy an unforgettable horseback safari on a huge private reserve, cantering alongside zebra and wildebeest. The Okavango Delta’s rich habitats support an enormous variety and large numbers of wildlife. Contact us now to discuss the best time to visit and the ideal combination of camps.

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