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Gorilla Safari

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Imagine ascending the side of a volcano through the rainforest to come face to face with a huge Silverback gorilla. He will sit nonchalantly chewing a stick of bamboo, then will toss it aside and come striding towards you looking you right in the eye! In the clearing females move around feeding and grooming while baby gorillas play, rolling around and swinging through the trees. It's a once in a lifetime experience!

We can arrange for you to meet a gorilla family either in Rwanda or Uganda. These neighboring countries meet in the volcanic ranges where the world's surviving 350 mountain gorillas live. As you approach, the volcanoes look like a film set from King Kong with their jagged ridges covered in dense foliage appearing through the mists. There are comfortable lodges close by such as Sabyinyo where you can relax amid dramatic scenery and prepare for your gorilla safari.

The gorilla families are carefully protected from poachers by experienced rangers who live on the volcano, shadowing each family as they move around. Each morning groups of six guests will set off in search of these gorilla families with a guide, porters and armed rangers. The fitter guests are allocated the more distant gorilla families. Your trek may be an hour, or can be as long as 5 or 6 hours passing at a steady pace through bamboo, undergrowth and exposed roots. Then the wonderful moment comes when your guide tells you in hushed tones that the gorillas are close, and you spend and unforgettable hour watching them.

Anyone with reasonable mobility and moderate fitness can undertake the trek. On average it will take around 90 minutes at a slow pace to reach the gorillas and because they are shadowed you have a very high chance of finding them. There is a lower age limit of 16 which is rigidly enforced.

If your main interest is in gorillas we will recommend that you visit Rwanda as the gorillas areas are more accessible. You can combine gorilla watching with other game viewing safaris in nearby Kenya and Tanzania. Contact us now to discuss your own visit to these distant relatives.

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