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When you think of the word Serengeti, you tend to associate it with vast open wilderness; typical of Africa. Flat topped acacia trees dotted through the savannah and plains game grazing in the heat of the day. This is just what it is and is possibly one of the world's most spectacular wildlife habitats. It covers 30,000 square kilometres making it just as large and open as you might imagine it.

In November two million wildebeest, Thompson's gazelle and zebra flood the Serengeti for the world's largest overland annual migration. They separate out on the open plains and fill it for miles around. They head through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area along to Ndutu where they stay until they give birth in January and February. As their journey continues they have to pass through periless prides of lion and territorial leopard waiting independently for the feast of prey to stumble past them; unaware until it's too late. In March the migration heads west and north towards Lake Victoria seeking fresh plains. They courageously cross the Grumeti River whilst crocodiles thrash out of the water attempting to snatch the wildebeest and zebra using their powerful jaws. In June the migration reaches its final destination in Tanzania; the Mara River. They bound through the water crossing the border to the Masai Mara Game Reserve where their journey continues.

You can observe the magnificent migration on this private reserve by comfortable open 4x4 vehicles. You will be accompanied by your extraordinary guide who will take your breath away with their knowledge and passion. You can stay at a mobile tented camp that moves pre-empting the migration in order to get the best sightings of this truly fantastic wildlife spectacle. The camp has just 5 luxury tented rooms with a kitchen and chef to go along with it. All food and water is transported into the camp making it environmentally friendly. It is spectacularly remote giving you the private experience you would desire, away from the herds of people crowding over the animals in their minibuses.

The Serengeti is a large and diverse Reserve with some areas reaching heights of 6,000 feet. The scenery is panoramic with huge open dry grassland. However, in the west it is more woodland areas with rivers, occupying pods of hippos bobbing through the waters. The rocky outcrops appear a favourite for the big cats to rest and recuperate before the evening hunting sets off. Giraffe, herds of elephant, cheetah, baboons and antelope are found throughout the reserve including cackles of hyenas heard sinisterly laughing into the night. The best time to visit the Serengeti is whilst the migration is underway from November through to May. The rains come in April and May creating breathtaking views with flowers blooming and the grass so perfectly lush and green.

Every safari that we arrange for the Serengeti is with a private guide and vehicle making the experience as memorable as possible for you. With so much to be seen in Tanzania why not combine witnessing the terrific migration with the Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro or Lake Manyara. Each of these destinations is individual for its own merits and combines fantastically with one another to create an unforgettable safari.

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